Dubai Introduces Floating Villas: A New Era of Luxurious Living on the Arabian Gulf

Dubai Introduces Floating Villas: A New Era of Luxurious Living on the Arabian Gulf

Dubai, a city renowned for its uber-luxurious lifestyle, is set to unveil an extraordinary marvel: mobile floating villas that will cruise the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. These innovative villas, which offer both rental and ownership opportunities, are designed to provide an unparalleled blend of luxury and mobility.

Pricing and Specifications The floating villas come in various sizes and prices:

  • A two-bedroom villa is priced at Dh29 million.
  • A three-bedroom villa costs Dh32 million.
  • A four-bedroom villa is available for Dh46 million.

The villas are part of the Neptune series within the Kempinski Floating Palace resort project. Each villa features a two-story layout plus a rooftop, collectively spanning 6,300 square feet (2,100 square feet per level). The four-bedroom villas are even more spacious, measuring up to 10,400 square feet.

Unique Features and Amenities Managed by Kempinski, these floating villas promise high-end amenities and services. Each villa comes with:

  • A private infinity swimming pool on the rooftop.
  • A crew of six, including one captain, three deckhands, and two stewards.
  • Advanced eco-friendly engines enabling cruising speeds of 6-8 knots, with a maximum speed of 12 knots.

The ground floor of the three-bedroom villa includes a living room, open-concept dining area, kitchen, guest restroom, crew chamber, service room, cockpit, outdoor seating space, and a platform for jet skis. The upper level houses three bedrooms, walk-in closets, and two bathrooms. The rooftop is designed for ultimate leisure, with a swimming pool surrounded by glass walls, outdoor seating, a barbecue area, an external driving control station, and a display screen.

Construction and Management These villas are being repurposed from 48 aquatic vessels by a marine construction group, with the entire manufacturing process taking place in the UAE. Claudia Gomes, Commercial Director for El Bahrawy Group, highlighted the project’s uniqueness, stating, “Neptune, the first floating and mobile villa, is part of the Kempinski Floating Palace resort project. It is the first of its kind in the world, offering unparalleled flexibility and luxury.”

Gomes also noted that the construction of each villa typically takes 12 months, with four-bedroom villas requiring a bit more time.

Rental and Ownership Options For those interested in renting, the cost starts at Dh50,000 per night during the off-peak season. Owners have the option to allow Kempinski to manage and rent out the villa, benefiting from rental income, or they can choose to keep it for personal use. If the owner is qualified to sail, they can operate the vessel themselves, with the option to use their own crew or one provided by Kempinski.

Investment Opportunity These floating villas are not just luxurious residences but also a solid investment. With an estimated market value of Dh1.6 billion upon completion, they offer investors a return on investment (ROI) of around 8 percent. Mohamed El Bahrawy, Chairman of El Bahrawy Group, emphasized the project’s success and the significant interest it has garnered from investors worldwide.

Technological Advancements The villas are equipped with advanced technological systems, allowing smart control of lighting and temperature, as well as access to entertainment screens via mobile devices. These features, combined with the eco-friendly engines and luxurious design, make the floating villas a unique and exclusive asset for their owners.

The floating villas are currently attracting buyers primarily from Russia and India, highlighting their global appeal. The project underscores Dubai’s commitment to maintaining its exceptional standards of quality and luxury, reinforcing its position as a leader in innovative and luxurious living solutions.

Source: Khaleej Times