Dubai Land Department Partners with Danube Properties to Empower National Brokers

Dubai Land Department Partners with Danube Properties to Empower National Brokers

In a significant move to enhance Emiratisation within the real estate sector, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) has partnered with Danube Properties to launch the groundbreaking initiative, the ‘Dubai Real Estate Brokers Programme’. This collaboration aims to onboard new UAE national brokers into Dubai’s dynamic real estate community, providing them with special benefits and opportunities to strengthen their roles in the industry.

Strategic Objectives and Vision

Eng Marwan bin Ghalita, acting director general of the Dubai Land Department, emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership: “Collaborating with Danube Properties means jointly empowering UAE talent in the real estate industry. By providing special benefits, we hope to attract more locals to brokerage, enhancing their contribution to the sector and supporting Dubai’s vision of a diversified and inclusive economy.”

Rizwan Sajan, founder and chairman of Danube Group, echoed this sentiment, stating: “We are honoured to collaborate with the Dubai Land Department on this vital initiative. Danube Properties has always been pro-brokers because they form the backbone of our success. The goal of this partnership is to provide UAE National brokers with exceptional opportunities and support, reinforcing our dedication towards Emiratisation.”

Programme Highlights and Impact

Earlier this month, the Dubai Land Department qualified 166 young Emirati citizens through the Dubai Real Estate Brokers Programme. This programme, a key component of the Dubai Social Agenda 33, reflects a strategic effort to prepare UAE youth for significant roles in the real estate sector. The initiative underscores the commitment of both DLD and Danube Properties to fostering local talent and supporting the professional development of Emirati brokers.

Danube Properties remains steadfast in its support for DLD’s initiatives, with Rizwan Sajan stating, “We are confident that this collaborative program will be a significant step towards achieving our shared objectives.”

Commitment to Growth and Development

The partnership between Danube Properties and the Dubai Land Department highlights a shared vision for nurturing a thriving real estate market in Dubai. Their collaboration seeks to support Emirati jobseekers by offering unique benefits for property sales handled by local brokers, thus fostering a more inclusive and robust real estate sector.

This initiative not only aligns with Dubai’s broader economic diversification goals but also demonstrates a long-standing commitment to the development and growth of the real estate sector, providing a promising pathway for UAE nationals to excel in real estate brokerage.

By empowering local talent, the Dubai Real Estate Brokers Programme stands as a testament to the ongoing efforts to cultivate a skilled and vibrant workforce, ensuring that Emirati professionals are well-equipped to contribute to and benefit from the burgeoning real estate market in Dubai

Source: Khaleej Times