Dubai Land Department Spearheads Global Real Estate Technology Roadmap with REES Initiative

Dubai Land Department Spearheads Global Real Estate Technology Roadmap with REES Initiative

In a bid to bolster Dubai’s stature as a leading innovation hub, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) has unveiled its groundbreaking Real Estate Evolution Space Initiative (REES). This pioneering endeavor, aligned with Dubai’s Economic Agenda D33, aims to catalyze a transformative wave in the real estate sector, reshaping urban landscapes with cutting-edge technologies.

A key milestone in this journey is the launch of The Dubai PropTech Group, a collaborative effort between DLD and Dubai Chambers. Through strategic partnerships, DLD endeavors to galvanize real estate innovation, attract global technology firms to Dubai, and fortify the PropTech ecosystem. Marwan bin Ghalita, a prominent figure within DLD, underscores the initiative’s pivotal role in advancing Dubai’s vision of becoming a global innovation nucleus.

The ‘REES Initiative’ sets forth ambitious goals, including fostering a conducive environment for real estate innovation, fostering public-private collaboration, and enhancing operational efficiency through technology integration. Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of the real estate development sector at DLD, asserts that REES stands as the region’s foremost initiative for real estate innovation, poised to elevate Dubai’s PropTech prowess on the global stage.

To realize these objectives, DLD will embark on strategic initiatives, including launching a real estate accelerator project backed by the Dubai Future District Fund, forging partnerships with industry stalwarts, and spearheading global solutions for sector-wide challenges.

The unveiling of REES heralds a new era of innovation and progress in Dubai’s real estate landscape, underscoring the emirate’s unwavering commitment to shaping the future of urban living.