Palm Jebel Ali Set to Transform Dubai’s Real Estate Landscape with 6km Public Access Road

Palm Jebel Ali Set to Transform Dubai’s Real Estate Landscape with 6km Public Access Road

In a monumental move set to redefine Dubai’s real estate horizon, Nakheel has announced the commencement of a 6km public access road leading directly from Sheikh Zayed Road to the highly anticipated Palm Jebel Ali. The artificial archipelago, expected to become a residential haven for approximately 35,000 families, is poised to revolutionize the city’s urban landscape.

Nakheel, the master developer behind the project, unveiled the latest milestone on Sunday, May 26, revealing plans to enhance connectivity with the mainland through Al Hesah Street (formerly the old Abu Dhabi Road) at Dubai Waterfront. This strategic development is designed to seamlessly integrate Palm Jebel Ali with the mainland, fostering accessibility and convenience for residents and visitors alike.

Khalid Al Malik, CEO of Dubai Holding Real Estate, affirmed the island’s significance in Dubai’s future urban blueprint, announcing the appointment of DBB Contracting and Khansaheb Civil Engineering as key partners for the next phase of development. With Palm Jebel Ali boasting an expansive 13.4km expanse of land and 10.5 million square metres of development potential, the island is positioned as a beacon of progress in Dubai’s real estate sector.

The palm-shaped archipelago, twice the size of Palm Jumeirah, boasts an impressive array of features, including 16 fronds, 110km of coastline, and 91km of pristine beachfront. Anticipated to host over 80 hotels and resorts alongside a myriad of entertainment and leisure facilities, Palm Jebel Ali promises a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury and convenience.

The island’s allure was palpable from its inception, with Nakheel’s initial villa offerings selling out within hours of their release in September last year. The overwhelming demand underscored Palm Jebel Ali’s status as a highly coveted destination within Dubai’s real estate market.

In 2023’s fourth-quarter sales, Palm Jebel Ali emerged as the top-performing area in Dubai, generating an impressive Dh14.2 billion in revenue. This resounding success further cements the island’s reputation as a prime investment opportunity and a beacon of prosperity in Dubai’s evolving urban landscape.

As construction progresses and anticipation mounts, Palm Jebel Ali stands poised to redefine luxury living in Dubai, offering residents and investors a unique blend of sophistication, serenity, and boundless opportunity on the shores of this iconic archipelago.

Source: Khaleej Times